Types of Help available for the Elderly and Disabled

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There are organizations nationwide who provide services that help the elderly maintain and better their quality of living so that they can live in and enjoy their own homes and communities. Some of these services are covered by insurance, Medicare, or a state’s Care System. However, keep in mind that if you or your loved one need continuous Eldercare that require medical attention, it would be wise to seek an alternative outside home services. The following are types of help that may be available to you and/or your loved one based on your qualifications or condition.

Companion and Homemaker-Non-medical people who keep an elderly or disabled person company. This person may accompany the elderly person in various activities such as grocery shopping and eating. This person can also do some light cleaning, meal preparation, etc.

Counseling Services – These services are usually provided by family service agencies or other types of community health services. At a certain age, people have lost many of their loved ones and oftentimes lead to bereavement and depression. In addition, the elderly lose much of their independence and mobility. Counseling services are available to deal with these types of issues.

Day Care– This Program for the elderly and disabled adults provide supervised activities and meals and may provide medical services such as physical therapy and counseling.

Emergency Response Services– Electronic devices can be worn by an elderly person and is connected to a central response unit. If the buzzer is not reactivated by a certain time an alarm will prompt an emergency team to check on or visit that person.

Handyman and Gardening Services– This type of service can be provided by an agency or private individual who specializes in handyman and gardening services for the elderly and for a reasonable price.

Home Delivered Meals– These services may be sponsored by a federal meal program or may be arranged with an organization that charges full cost for a well-balanced meal(s) delivered to an elderly person’s home.

Home Health Aid-These services may be covered by one’s insurance plan and must be ordered by a physician. Qualified individuals come to the elderly person’s home and assist with bathing and personal hygiene/skin care, etc.

Nursing Services-These services are provided for those with specific medical conditions and are practiced by trained professionals through organizations such as licensed home health agencies and hospitals.

Transportation-Special transportation services are available for the elderly so they can go to the hospital or somewhere else that is medically related. The most known services are Dial-A-Ride and the Red Cross. Keep in mind that some Health Care Providers may also provide transportation services to their patients.

These are just a few types of services that help make the aging process easier for yourself or your loved one. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging for more information of the types of help for the elderly available in your city.

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